What you need to know as a potential customer

Our company has 10 years of experience in the airport transfer business offering collective transportation services to individuals, diplomatic delegates and conference visitor groups. Primarily between Budapest Liszt Ferenc airport and any point of the city. Although other destinations outside the city limits or on the countryside can be arranged.


Our maximum comfort 9 seater minivans equipped with Air Conditioning, free WIFI and 220V electric outlets are at the service of you or your family. We normally take groups up to 15 persons but larger groups can be accommodated in case of prior agreement.


The fares have no hidden components or additional fees. We always bill the agreed amount that was communicated at the time of reservation.

Safety and Reliability

Our chauffeurs have 15 years of driving experience, professional license, and medical clearance. Arrival to the airport on time is guaranteed by our advanced scheduling system and our drivers’ impeccable knowledge of the city.

BXL transfer is a registered company in Hungary, our passengers are insured during the whole time of the transportation.

Furthermore, BXL transfer founded a monetary trust unique in the transportation industry: passengers would benefit up to 100 euros per capita in case they miss their plane due to vis major circumstances.

Reptéri transzfer - autópark


Our passengers are transported to Liszt Ferenc airport between one and a half and two hours before their flight as advised by all airlines. Due to the airport’s relative location to the city (approx. 6-30 kms) and the necessary travel time, collection of the passengers starts 90 minutes and ends 45 minutes before the arrival to the airport.

The collection order is determined by the location of the addresses and the current traffic circumstances.

Reptéri indulás


Passengers are greeted in the lobby of Liszt Ferenc airport upon their arrival with a BXL transfer labelled sign. The drop off order is determined by the location of the addresses and the current traffic circumstances.



The easiest way to reserve your trip is through our website. If you have a special request not covered in our online reservation system we have several channels you can reach us on. See “contact us”. (linkelni)

The process of reservation is as follows: After you submit your reservation, the system replies with an automated message. Then the parameters of your reservation are cross-checked with the reservations for the same date and flight and you will receive a final confirmation whether we can deliver your request or it has to be declined due to lack of resources.

We can only guarantee to reply enquiries addressed to our reservation surface, e-mail address or text message.

Our reservation e-mail address is:

Online foglalás

Válaszolni csak a foglalási rendszeren, e-mailben vagy sms-ben leadott foglalásokra áll módunkban.

E-mail címünk az alábbi:

We aim is to answer incoming messages and reservations as soon as possible between 9 am and 9 pm every day.


There are two payment options available.


The fare can be paid by cash at the end of the journey, having reached your destination.

Bank Transfer:

This option is only available until the start of the journey. When boarding the bus, the confirmation of the transfer needs to be presented to the driver or sent in email beforehand. The comment field must contain the passenger’s name and the date of travel.

Required information for bank transfer:


Fizetés módjai

Account owner’s name: SONATRACK Kit.



FORINT: 12100011-17791993-00000000

EUR: 12100011-10228472-00000000

IBAN: HU22121000111022847200000000


Comment: passenger’s name and date of travel (month, day)