BXL transfer airport transfer service

Valid from first of January 2015.


Service provider and customer

a. Service Provider (BXL transfer)


Address: 2016 Leányfalu Szőlő utca 18.

Registered number: 13-09-119666

VAT code: 14290802-2-13

Phone +36209817301

E-mail address:


b. Customer is the person who’s consuming the service provided by the Service Provider while the procurer is the person who reserves the Service Provider’s service for the customer.


c. Reservation


  • A reservation only constitutes confirmed if the confirmation was done by the Service Provider via e-mail. The Service Provider is not liable for any non-confirmed reservations .
  • After a reservation is confirmed, the paid fare is non-refundable. However the reservation can be cancelled with full refund or rescheduled to another day maximum 3 days before the reserved original journey. If the procurer cancels a confirmed reservation within 24 hours before the journey, he is reliable to pay the full service fare agreed upon in the reservation.
  • The procurer can submit reservation via online reservation system (preferred), text message and e-mail via
  • The procurer is obligated to notify the Service Provider if any of the passengers are required by law (based on age, weight and height) to use special seat for children.
  • The procurer is obligated to notify the Service Provider about changes in addresses. If the procurer fails to do so up until 24 hours of the start of the journey, the Service Provider is allowed to add a surcharge of 300 HUF per kilometre between the agreed upon address and the new location the passengers wants to be picked up or dropped of.
  • Service Provider has to possess the customers (passengers) phone number and email address on which the customer can be reached, unless the Service Provider cannot guarantee notification about any upcoming and unforeseeable change. The private information of the customer is handled securely in accordance with privacy policies under the Hungarian and EU law and as advised by the \”Online Privacy Alliance\”.


d. Passenger pick-up


  • The service provided is not a schedule based transportation. It is based on the personal requirements of passengers (addresses, number of passengers, other reservations), traffic circumstances (travel duration) and flights (check-in, departure time).
  • The pick-up will take place in as ordered in the reservation both time and location wise. The Service Provider reserves right to diverge from the agreed upon schedule with -/+ 10 minutes due to unforeseeable traffic circumstances.
  • Upon departure the minibus will arrive to the location specified in the reservation.
  • Upon arrival the Service Provider will welcome the passengers on the airport terminal with a BXL transfer sign. In case of flight delay the Service Provider will apply no surcharge for the additional waiting and will always accommodate the delay as best as possible depending on the capacity.
  • When departing, the minibus will wait 10 minutes after the scheduled arrival at the confirmed address. After that it will resume the journey but while the driver is there, he will try to contact the passengers via phone, email, intercom, doorbell.
  • The Service Provider can decile the transportation of a child in case the child is required by law to use the special seat and the passenger did not notify the Service Provider in the reservation.
  • The Service Provider can decile the transportation of any passengers if the passengers condition is unfit for the travel. Such cases are when the passenger is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, the passenger’s clothing or luggage is soiled and dirty or the size of the luggage is larger than previously stated at the time of the reservation or contains radioactive or otherwise hazardous or flammable materials. In any of these cases the Service Provider is not liable of trasportating the passenger to its destination, the procurer has no claim for monetary reimbursement.


e. Transfer


  • The Service Provider reserves the right to change the departure time with notification prior to the journey.
  •  Service Provider founded a monetary trust to benefit passengers in case transportation cannot be executed due to unforeseen circumstances outside of the power of the Service provider, like vis major or traffic lockdowns due to strike, natural disaster. In such cases the maximum compensation cannot exceed the amount of 100 EUROS or the price of the airport transfer fare or the surcharge the airline charges for the change in itinerary. The Service Provider does not compensate the passenger or can be held responsible under any circumstances for the alternative transportation expenses, airline surcharge for changing the itinerary or any other monetary loss the passenger may suffer due to the failure of service.
  • The Service Provider covers the passengers with international insurance for the duration of the transfer. The Service Provider is cannot held responsible for any damages occurred outside the transportation.


f. Payment


  •       The payment for the service can be settled  via bank transfer or season pass. If none of the previous options were pursued the fare has to be settled via cash at the drivers in the end of the transportation.
  •       In case of late payment 10% weekly interest will be charged for every inchoate week starting Mondays. The interest work with a compound logic, the basic fare plus monthly interest will serve as the basis of the interest calculation for the following month. The Service Provider accumulates the extra expenses related to the communication of debt like postal or personal delivery costs, court and attorney fees.